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GrantWNewGrant Williams  Sales Manager - Auckland

I started with the Academy Group in 2000 coming from a background in business and sales and marketing. These skills have lent well to my career at Academy and the job I do looking after the advertising and marketing needs of small to medium enterprise nationwide.

I have been extremely fortunate to work alongside a number of New Zealand's most successful and forward thinking business owners and entrepreneurs and enjoy playing a part in telling the story of their success. Currently, I assist the Senior Management Team by training and mentoring new additions to the Magazine Sales Team and this is a challenge that continually keeps me on my toes.

I certainly enjoy the thrill of seeing Media Consultants 'under my tutelage' rise to the challenge of sales and experience the 'buzz' of sales success.

In my spare time I like to travel and see exotic parts of the world, I enjoy music and play bass and guitar, and do indulge (probably far too regularly) in the many fabulous chefs and restaurants Christchurch has to offer.

You can contact me at: grantw@academy.net.nz

RobCRobert Cochrane  Media Consultant

I started with Academy Publishing in April 1996 as part of a team run by the late Max Twist on the Wellington Today publication.

I was instrumental in the development and expansion of this publication to include progressively the Central North Island regions up to and including Taranaki, Gisborne, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty. So successful was this initiative that the publication became a stand alone Central Today issue.

I work as a media consultant across the Academy business publications, Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington & Central Today arranging features on a wide cross-section of business from rural, to industrial, manufacturing, export, transport, design, automotive and construction industries.

I have been based in the river city of Wanganui for the past ten years and was educated at St Bernards College in Lower Hutt and have 4 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

You can contact me at: robertc@amcom.co.nz

Miranda2Miranda Telfer  Media Consultant

As a Sales Manager within our Magazine division I find it a real buzz to work within a company such as Academy Publishing.

I work with a team of fantastic people who in turn are all part of our magazines success. I love the ability to work within many different magazines, showcasing people and businesses from all walks of life.

Having many years experience in sales has held me in good stead and continuing on in this role is exciting. I enjoy the banter that we have in our offices – it keeps it ‘real’ and shows we can work hard and have fun at the same time.

When not at work I love nothing more than a good dose of retail therapy, experimenting in the kitchen and having a nice glass of Pinot with loved ones…and travelling…when I can find time.

You can contact me at: miranda@academy.net.nz

MelissaS.jpgMelissa Sinclair  Media Consultant

I have been working for Academy Publishing since the end of January 2011, and after a “shakey” start I am really enjoying myself.  The people are great to work with and very friendly, fun and helpful.
My background has been 10 years at Christchurch Casino in various roles including Marketing & Promotions, Security, Customer Service and a little MCing of concerts.
I am proud to be a part of the Academy Group of companies - 100% New Zealand owned and operated.
I love sourcing great local and national businesses with a story to tell along with helping businesses advertise their success and what they can do for the community.  We live in a great country and there is so much to do if I can help get the word out then I am happy.

You can contact me at: melissa@academy.net.nz

Bill.jpgBill Thew  Media Consultant - Principals Today

I have been fortunate enough to have been part of Academy Publishing and Principals Today since September 2001.

I enjoy my job talking to my many customers and helping them promote their goods and services to the Education Sector.

My philosophy is to be truthful and provide the best possible service.

You can contact me at: bill@academy.net.nz

Eavon.jpgEvaon Watkins  Media Consultant - Tearaway

I have worked with Academy as a Media Consultant for the past six years, specialising in a range of publications.

I also have a passion for boating and have developed and worked with several New Zealand boating clubs and produce their annual boating club handbooks.

I am looking for further publications, as many of my existing advertising clients are keen to expand their businesses.

You can contact me at: evaonw@academy.net.nz

AnthonyPAnthony Patrickson  Media Consultant

I’m relatively new at Academy, new in Christchurch and new in New Zealand – the resident pom from Newcastle (and no, I don’t watch Geordie Shore!). The team here at Academy have made me feel incredibly welcome and continue to assist me with various aspects of the job – something I’m very appreciative of as I continue to learn the ropes.
One of my major passions is travel, hence why I’m on the opposite side of the globe to my birth-place and have been for some time! During a two year stint in Australia I worked some pretty diverse jobs ranging from tree-felling in the outback to shark fishing in the Indian Ocean, but it was the prawn trawling in the Gulf of Carpentaria that stood out – 2-3 months per year at sea and the intensity was unrivalled – so much so I decided to write a book on my experience called ‘Travelling, Trawling and the Utterly Appalling’. This combined my love of writing with my love of travel and ultimately for the first time in my working-life, utilised my English Literature degree! I also have 2 years as a foreman of a resin-based surfacing company under my well-worn belt.  
In my leisure time I like to write. I’m currently working on my first fictional book, but I also like to keep the heart-rate high with an array of exciting activities. Football (I refuse to call it soccer) has been a life-long obsession for me but I also like to indulge in a spot of the following – spear-fishing (a hobby perfected on the Great Barrier Reef for two years, no biggie!) boxing (5 amateur fights in England), snow-boarding (complete novice), gym, running, mountain-biking etc, etc!

You can contact me at: anthonyp@academy.net.nz

lynne.jpgLynne Puddy-Greenwood  Events Manager

I'm a new addition to the team doing events and who's who so if you have a great function going on email me and we will see if we can slot you in.

I have been involved with Radio and Magazines for many years and have covered Air NZ Fashion Events and Woman in Business, Corporate Events throughout New Zealand and have been an Editor myself of Business, Health and Women's Magazines.

I enjoy a challenge and hope to see you at one of my events.

You can contact me at: lynne.p@academy.net.nz


Verne Williams  Media Consultant

I’ve worked within the Fitness Industry in my teens competing in the first NZ Aerobics Champs and as a twenty-something winning IFBB Junior & Novice categories.

During this time I also completed a B.A. in Psychology with Sociology & Education papers in tow. I have also completed a Diploma of Teaching & Learning from Canterbury University and have training in Special Needs with special interest in Aspergers children.

I have worked as an account manager for Mooted Publications, Sharp NZ & Renaissance NZ (Apple).  Whilst in these roles over 10 years I have acquired a vast skill-set including customer service, hardcopy page layout & web-design plus sales and marketing experience both hardcopy & online.  I enjoy brainstorming to best serve my client’s needs and are quite versed at sorting out the best approach via adverts and editorial.

My interests outside of work include my new hobby of burlesque dance, the gym when I’m not being lazy, music (70’s to now) watching DVD’s and spending time with my lovely hubby & son at our home in Southshore, Christchurch, NZ.

You can contact me at: verne@academy.net.nz

JaneWatsonJane Watson  Media Consultant

I started work for Academy Publishing in January 2003 and am very proud to be associated with the development and expansion of this company during that time.

Over the years - and necessity has meant there’s been long breaks in between my Academy  “chapters” - I’ve particularly enjoyed working alongside clients developing generic sections “Sustainability in Business”, “Corporate Destinations”, “History in Business” etc.

In 2006  I moved for a period into the role of Business Development Manager for Business publications. Particular satisfaction here was in project managing the comeback of Wellington Today; nurturing and securing mutually beneficial business partners and identifying opportunities to bring our Today publications business forward.

Due to personal circumstances I moved my office to a home base in 2008 and have just returned from an extended period of bereavement leave. And have just begun to celebrate life again. The words “Academy family” mean so much now as I start on a new segment of the journey.

Years ago I gained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Canterbury and worked previously for TVNZ as a researcher and writer (Children’s programmes, Maori language) and (after the formation of the Maori Unit, Ak.) Now TV and CTV (Christchurch) as an account mgr. and occasional writer/radio (children’s programme) voice performer.

I have been an enthusiastic Mum and have two grown sons. And in my spare time I’m recording oral memoirs and the sound of N.Z’s (still operational) industrial (machinery) heritage – the current project focussing on N.Z’s maritime history (steam and motor ship, and fishing industry). Am working on putting together a body of work that can be donated to museums.

Please contact me if you know of an elderly person who has a life experience/knowledge in this regard and would be keen to have their memoirs recorded.

You can contact me at todaybiz@academy.net.nz


Shimrit Amir  Media Consultant

I’ve been with Academy Publishing’s Auckland office for several months. I chose to join the Media Consultants team as this position seemed interesting and challenging. It turned out that I joined a team which supports its members day in and day out, all in the name of delivering superb value to our clients.
With a background in sales and sales management positions dating back to 1997, mostly in my country of origin - Israel, I once again feel the satisfaction in supporting and serving new and old clients.

I take pride in the quality of service I deliver to customers and I always display my passion to provide superior experience and value for them.

I have been living in New Zealand for the past 5 years and I’m enjoying the lifestyle and opportunities that Auckland offers. In my spare time I enjoy dancing Salsa, practising Zumba and enjoying good music. My cooking has also become quite legendary among my colleagues and I enjoy introducing them to new flavours and dishes from time to time.

You can contact me at: shimrit@academy.net.nz

TinaAionoTina Aiono  Media Consultant

Dedication and commitment to serve others, in the best possible way, for positive outcomes, is what I enjoy about the magazine team, and being part of this experience.
The wanting of equal success for others, with an openness and care, not often found elsewhere, is the standard that keeps me inspired here.
Previously worked for many years in the training industry, gaining useful experience and technical knowledge in an achievement-oriented environment.
Helping to motivate others with positive encouragement, to achieve and continue achieving is something which resonates with me greatly, and is present within our magazine business. Its this which continues to keep me connected to the people, companies and businesses I serve.
Relaxing involves creating detailed works of fusion Art, creative photography, composing music, playing acoustic guitar, reading, inspirational writing, long nature walks, and dancing.
Love spending quality time with family, and warm positive eclectic friends. I love having fun!

You can contact me at: tina.aiono@academy.net.nz


Evelyn Gray  Media Consultant

Meeting and working with my new 'family' of work colleagues, this year, at 'Today' news publications, aka Academy Publishing, has been a real joy for me. From an initial transition from lengthy experience as a PA to my role as Media Consultant this year, saw an interesting, ride and journey in getting here.

Life for me at the turn of the World Recession, back in 2008, meant juggling and pinpointing a forced change in career direction. I ventured into a hugely interesting panorama of work experiences from Market Research to doing different telemarketing roles and stints for smaller businesses to sales executive roles with slightly larger ones.

My sales development and path was evidently geared towards my primary role for the 'Today' publications.
I love being instrumental in helping businesses get their profile and marketing message out to the wider business market.

I believe the career I have chosen is made better by the fact that my working family and job with the Academy Publishing Group gives me all the support and back-up I need.

You can contact me at: evelyng@academy.net.nz

WarrenWilksWarren Wilks  Media Consultant

I joined Academy Magazines in October 2012 and so am relatively new to the company.  I am based in the Auckland office and work with a fantastic team.  I bring with me a wealth of experience with a global touch, having worked in sales for the last 20 years in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.  I enjoy working with my customers to give them the best possible package offered by our family of magazines and particularly enjoy creating subsections or mini-magazines within each edition that I work on based on the background of my customers.
Outside of work, my interests lie in cricket and rugby; I also have a passion for fishing & the great outdoors.

You can contact me at: warren@academy.net.nz


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