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Jane Cowan-Harris

Head of WorkSpace IQ

Good health equals good business and my focus in recent articles has been on the key aspects that form the baseline for creating a healthy workplace.

These aspects are the built premises themselves, which form the environment people work in, the type of furniture which best works for them in relation to the work they do, along with the way they (and you) are sitting at your desk.

Another crucial aspect of workplace wellness of course, is personal wellness. On the surface, you may think this is all about keeping fit, heading off to the gym, or walking 10,000 steps a day.

In some businesses, it may appear to be about having flu vaccinations, providing smoking cessation programmes or having regular drug tests. And while these can all be contributors to a well workplace, they are all just parts of the picture.

As well as taking care of the physical elements, creating a healthy business very often requires a cultural change at its core; one which incorporates not only physical health, but also emotional, social and cultural health.

The areas which might need attention are different in almost every situation. If you’re interested in improving your workplace wellness, it can be worthwhile conducting a survey to find out what people feel could improve specifically within your organisation.

Think about the areas where there appears to be room for improvement, and also what you and your colleagues want to be able to say when talking about your workplace.

How to create a healthy workplace culture 

You may think that workplace wellness and workplace wellness programmes are only for large corporations, but there are lots of things you can do whatever your budget.

Consider getting together with another small local business, maybe your neighbours, to make it a more supportive process. You might even introduce a little bit of healthy competition – it can really motivate people, as well as giving a sense of community.

Do be mindful though that less healthy members of your team might be too scared to start and may also be worried about exposing themselves as unfit.

Not everyone is a lycra-clad cyclist powering up and down hills; make sure that you include options that are accessible to all, that build people up rather than putting them down, and which are fun for everyone.

All you need is the right mindset and a few good ideas to get a healthy business up and running. What’s stopping you? On your marks, get set and go well!

Author: magazinestoday

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